Badlands Travel is the trading name of Jump Travel Ltd.

Jump Travel Ltd is the Badlands travel company, set up by Badlands founders Philip and Steven Jump to create well designed holiday packages to see the world's greatest concert acts all around the globe!

Initially concentrating on tours by Bruce Springsteen and then Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones and a host of other legendary acts our trips take into account what we perceive to be the key elements for a great night out. We aim to marry excellent concert tickets with top class hotels near to the concert venue itself or within the city centre of the holiday destination you have chosen.

Having been avid concertgoers for all of our adult lives and having seen almost all of the great performers over the years, we feel we are in tune to be able to provide a well designed package that makes for stress-free concert going. You can book with us in total confidence. No one has ever booked a trip with us and not got a concert ticket. This is a 100% record that we intend to keep!

One of the attractions of our trips is our thorough attention to detail and the bonus features that we add to our itineraries. We will often arrange social get togethers or pre-show parties where you can meet up with like minded fans from around the world. We often arrange or recommend bookings at some of our favourite restaurants for a pre-show get together and where possible arrange excursions and guided tours of the area. Perhaps the best example of this have been our Memphis packages in 2000 (Bruce Springsteen) and 2005 (The Rolling Stones). Both of these trips naturally included visits to not just the concerts, but also Gracelands, Sun Studios and The National Civil Rights Museum


See our testimonials page to find out how much people have enjoyed their trips with us!


Badlands was founded in 1986 by brothers and music fans, Philip and Steven Jump. Badlands is a three storey record shop in the town centre of Cheltenham, England specialising in "classic" and "indie" rock. Despite the corporatisation of the music business the shop and its various "branches" has survived the vagaries of fashion and change, and is still today one of the largest independent record shops in the South West of England. Our Badlands website has enabled us to continue to sell on a global basis and stay in touch with our long time and extremely loyal customers around the world.

Jump Travel Ltd. Company registration number: 462014